Acknowledgements & Links

This site would not be possible without the magnificent support provided by some very generous people, as well as a large number of outstanding publications and websites.


Personal Thanks

Tom Griffin, I am forever in your debt, mate. The work you have put into this project and the invaluable guidance you have given me leaves me a little lost for words. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Dr Ron Atkinson and Robert Whyte. Without your help, most of my spiders would remain nameless wonders.

Don Herbison-Evans, Mcleay University, Sydney, NSW. You have been a great help in identifying many of my moths and caterpillars. My sincerest thanks.

Also on the subject of moths, thanks to Doug and Axel from Melbourne University and Peter Marriott from Museum Victoria for their assistance in adding a few names to a few previously nameless species.

And thanks also to Donald Hobern from CSIRO Entomology for his help with identifying my Plume Moths (Pterophoridae), not to mention the other moths I have identified thanks to his large collection of photos on flickr.

Trevor Hawkeswood, biologist and author, for assisting with the identification of many of my insects. The fact that you have even taken the time to write a publication based on some of my observations is quite gratifying. Thank you.

Thank you to Dr Murray Fletcher, Visiting Scientist, Orange Agricultural Institute, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Science and Agriculture, Charles Sturt University and Honorary Life Member, Australian Entomological Society. I thoroughly appreciate your assistance with the leafhopper identifications.

Chen Young, from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Thank you so much for your help with many of the mysterious flies. Without your kind assistance, I would have had no idea.

Thanks to the many other people who have helped me out over the years. The kind offers of advice have been a great help, but even just a few words of encouragement have provided so much motivation. Thank you all.

And a massive thank you to my family and friends for their continued encouragement and support. I hope I haven’t bored you all with my countless photos. I love you all, especially Brianna, my little angel and my greatest inspiration.


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Links To Other Great Sites

Visit the following sites for more insect and spider information and pictures:

The Find-a-Spider Guide – Ron Atkinson.  A very comprehensive site about spiders of South-East Queensland, their habitats and toxicity. Dr Greg Anderson and Robert Whyte are assembling a growing collection of images and information for Australian Arachinds.

Lepidoptera Larvae Of Australia  A great site with plenty of pics and info about Australian butterflies and moths and their larvae.

Brisbane Insects and Spiders (Chew Family)  Another great site with lots of information and pictures for insects and spiders in the Brisbane area.

CSIRO Australian Insect Common Name  A large database listing many of the invertebrates found in Australia. It includes pictures of some species.

Australian Moths Online (CSIRO)  A good visual guide for a large number of Australia’s moth species.

Australian Cicadas A very comprehensive site that contains images and information on just about every known species of Cicada in Australia.

Auchenorrhyncha Keys – Dept. of Agriculture, NSW  This site has keys for narrowing down identifications for cicadas, leaf hoppers and their relatives, and includes photos of many species. It’s best to have a specimen and a good magnifying glass or microscope with you to find some of the tiny identifying features.

Lucid Central  A great place to go for interactive keys you can use for identifying a genus or species within some insect orders. The keys for Australian Heteroptera (bug) Families has been particularly useful. – ant and other insect photos  A collection of fantastic photos of Australian and exotic ant species. A great visual guide put together by Alex Wild.

Spiders of Australia  Image galleries containing pics of a number of the spider species found in Australia.

Vic Museum Butterflies  A handy reference for identifying butterflies. Quite a few of the Victorian species can also be found in other states, including Queensland.

Insect Reference Collection Database ICDB Entomology at Dept. of Agriculture, WA A large collection of photos from the Western Australian Dept. of Agriculture’s insect collection. It includes species from all over the country.

Australian Ants Online (CSIRO)  An interactive key for identifying Australian ants. Having a specimen and a magnifying glass or microscope at hand would be very helpful when needing to find some of the tiny identifying features.

Morwell National Park – Invertebrates  A good site that includes a gallery of some of the invertebrates found in the park.

Australian Faunal Directory An initiative of the Australian Government’s Department of the Environment and Heritage. It provides a list of all known fauna species in Australia and is handy when trying to determine a species’ place in the taxonomic order. A site offering lots of pictures and information on Australia’s insects and spiders. Dr. Trevor Hawkeswood, biologist and author, has been studying fauna and flora all over Australia, as well as overseas, and has published many papers and books on the subjects. His publications are available for downloading or purchasing from his site. A site created by Boris Buche, a coleopterist from Germany, dedicated to the beetles of Indonesia. There are many photos, which makes this site a useful tool in at least placing some Australian beetles in families.

Leapfrogoz Moths of the World Heritage listed Wet Tropics of Queensland, Australia. A wonderful site by my friends, Buck Richardson and Eve Stafford. It contains a huge gallery of moth photos.

Lochman Transparancies A massive collection of images of Australia from Jiri Lochman, covering everything from landscapes to wildlife, including some fascinating insect photos.

Donald Hobern’s Lepidoptera Photos Donald Hobern, the Director of Atlas of Living Australia at CSIRO Entomology, has a huge collection of moth and butterfly photos. It is a very handy visual database to assist with identifications.

Steve Dew’s Aussie Creatures A collection of wonderful photos by Steve Dew, displaying Australian insects and other native wildlife. Erica Siegel’s site dedicated to native Australian wildlife, including many insect images.

Aussie Bugs Deb Yarrow’s outstanding collection of macro photos of Australian fauna and flora.

Cleridae of Australia A website devoted to the Checkered Beetles of Australia. Run in part by Justin Bartlett, who has assisted me with some of my identifications from this beetle family.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Entomology and House Insects – A useful page for people who would like to learn a bit more about insects and become amateur entomologists. Contains useful tips and links to other helpful sites.

Wild South Australia – Mark Newton’s fascinating site full of photos of South Australia’s living creatures and magnificent landscapes.

Butterflies in Your Playground – a great resource for kids to learn about butterflies and handy information about how to attract butterflies to your garden.

Spooky Spider Facts – A page that offers lots of interesting facts about spiders and dispels a few myths about these beautiful creatures. (thanks to Liam Gray for recommending this page).