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Pentatomid bugs (Poecilometis sp.), Leaf Beetle (Paropsisterna sexpustulata) and Giant Huntsman (Halconia immanis)

My name is Nick Monaghan. I have been a photographer for almost 20 years and have been fascinated by insects, spiders and other invertebrates for a lot longer. In February 2005, after purchasing a new digital camera, I went out into my garden to test the macro capabilities on some grass-hoppers, and it sort of snowballed from there.

I had been living on the Sunshine Coast, Southeast Queensland, Australia, from July 2001 to April 2008, and I am now based in the leafy outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. My original intention was to concentrate on the invertebrate (spineless) wildlife of southeast Queensland, but after the relocation to the deep south and a steadily growing collection of invertebrates from other states, I decided I should open up the field to include any insect or spider I can find anywhere in this huge country of ours.

At present, this site contains over 5,000 images of perhaps 2,000 species and I haven't even scratched the surface yet. This site has been created to share some of my photos with you and to make you aware of what exists in a world not many people take the time to explore. It may also help you identify that beetle in your garden or that spider you found in your kitchen. My aim is to keep a photographic record of whatever I can find and hopefully identify them all, although this is proving rather difficult.

I hope you find this site interesting and perhaps even informative.

And remember - without the humble ant, wasp, bug or spider, the world as we know it can not exist.


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