Ground Rules

Image courtesy Rowan Bestmann –

Please be aware of the following while you are browsing through this site:

1. I am not an entomologist or arachnologist or any other -ologist and I do not claim to be an authority on the subject of invertebrates. Any identification I have provided is based on information obtained from books, web sites, cd-roms and advice from some very helpful people, as well as some of my own basic knowledge. I apologise if any identifications are incorrect or out of date and I am always grateful for any advice that may be offered.

2. Any photographic equipment I mention or offer an opinion on is done so of my own volition and is not done so for any commercial gain. Any photographic tips I offer are based on my own experiences and may not necessarily reflect the views of other people.

3. All of the insects and spiders have been photographed where I found them and have been disturbed as little as possible and never harmed. My aim is to photograph them in their natural habitats, displaying their natural behaviour. Besides, some of them you just don’t want to mess with. These critters are not toys or lollies, so please be careful if you feel the need to handle them for some reason.

4. All photographs have been taken by me and remain my property under copyright. If you wish to obtain copies of any of my images for publication, distribution or personal use, please ask me first. I have put in too much time and effort to be ripped off, so if you don’t want to do the fair thing, you’re more than welcome to go take your own photos.